Margin & Profits

Above the wholesale price for Tsunami products you are free to set your sell price in Shopify for whatever margin you want.

Great ones! A minimum of 30%. but 40 to even 60% frequently happen. Margins are important so let us explain why these margins are possible. While market conditions will dictate the ultimate price we have done everything we can to keep your pricing low. We do so by specializing in best selling products that our production partners will have in stock and that they will be able to consistently turn around quickly. We work very closely with our production partners to streamline their workflows and automate their operations. For this reason orders flowing into production are processed automatically. And because Tsunami creates the production ready artwork and essentially enters the order into the production workflow we get preferred pricing because are doing a lot of extra work. The bottom line we get very low pricing and we keep our margins very modest so that you can sell Tsunami products with 40, 50 or even 60% margins in some cases.

Once an order is placed and you have received the payment in your merchant account then Tsunami will send a charge to that account for the wholesale product price plus the shipping charge. The charge might be that evening or the next day. In some cases Tsunami might elect to make these charges once a week.